Tweets on the Homilies II

Tweets on the Homilies II

Following my previous post on the First Book of Homilies, here are my tweets on the Second Book of Homilies. As before, the full texts of the homilies in question can be found in Ian Robinson (ed) The Homilies (Brynmill/Preservation Press, 2006).

My next set of tweets will be on the Book of Common Prayer

Of the right Use of the Church
Churches are holy places set aside for prayer, preaching and the sacraments. We should go there diligently and reverently.

Against Peril of Idolatry
Setting up images in churches or offering devotion to them is a form of idolatry and is contrary to Scripture and the Fathers.

For Repairing and Keeping Clean of Churches
We must honour God not only by behaving reverently in church, but by keeping our churches clean and in good repair.

Of Good Works and first of Fasting
Christians should fast in order to curb the flesh, become more fervent in prayer and witness to their sorrow for their sins.

Against Gluttony and Drunkenness

Excess in eating and drinking is hateful to God. We must learn sobriety and moderation and give ourselves to abstinence and fasting.

Against Excess of Apparel
Christians need to use the gifts that God has given to us in creation with moderation, avoiding vanity and caring for the poor.

Concerning Prayer
We must ask God for what we need in soul and body and for our neighbours’ needs. We shouldn’t pray to angels, saints or martyrs.

Of the Place and Time of Prayer
We must go to church each Sunday with faith in God and charity to our neighbours to hear the word and receive the sacrament.

Of Common Prayer and Sacraments in a Tongue Understood
Scripture and the Fathers teach us that in public worship and administering the sacraments no unknown language should be used.

For them which take Offence at certain Places of Holy Scripture
The whole of Scripture is God’s word. If we find bits of it difficult we must still accept that what God says has to be true.

Of Almsdeeds and Mercifulness
God counts our service to the poor & needy as service to Him & if we give generously to those in need God will take care of us.

Of the Nativity of our Saviour Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ, born of Mary, true God and true Man, came into the world to reveal God, defeat the devil and free us from sin.

For Good Friday: concerning the Death and Passion of our Saviour Jesus Christ

If we truly believe that Christ died for us then we will respond by giving all that we are and have in love for our neighbours.

The Second Homily concerning the Passion
Faith is the only instrument of salvation given to us. So when we sin we must put our trust solely in Christ’s death for us.

Of the Resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ; for Easter Day

Christ’s resurrection shows that he has defeated death, sin & the devil. We show our gratitude by striving to live a holy life.

Of the Worthy Receiving of the Sacrament
We must come to the Lord’s Supper with knowledge of what it means, faith in God, praise for him and love for our neighbour.

Of the Coming Down of the Holy Ghost: for Whitsunday

The Holy Spirit is the 3rd person of the Trinity. He regenerates and sanctifies us. His work is shown by his fruits and gifts.

For Rogation Week: that all Good Things cometh from God
Every good thing that we have, temporal and spiritual, comes from God. Our calling is to use them diligently in His service.

Perambulations in Rogation Week
Our life is transitory. We should spend it in love and charity not focussing on our rights or coveting what belongs to others.

Of the State of Matrimony
Marriage is intended by God to be a perpetually friendly fellowship. We must pray for protection against discord and division.

Against Idleness
It is God’s will that our life here on earth should not be spent in idleness, but in some honest and godly exercise and labour.

Of Repentance and True Reconciliation unto God
The Bible calls us to repentance. We must confess and turn from idolatry and wickedness and embrace, love and worship God alone.

Against Disobedience and Wilful Rebellion
God wills our obedience to those in political authority. We must pray for them and submit to them even when they do evil.


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