Tweeting the Homilies (I)

Tweets on the Homilies (I)

As part of my continuing campaign to use social media to spread good Anglican theology,  I have followed my tweets summarising the Thirty Nine Articles with the following tweets summarising the First Book of Homilies. The words in bold are the titles of the homilies. The full texts of the homilies in question can be found in Ian Robinson (ed) The Homilies (Brynmill/Preservation Press, 2006).

I shall now go on to tweet the Second Book of Homilies at @MartinBDavie


The First and Second Books of Homilies are books of model sermons issued by the Church of England in 1547 & 1571 and endorsed in Article 35.

A fruitful exhortation to the reading of Holy Scripture

The Bible contains all we need to know to be rightly related to God. It can be understood by anyone who reads it with humility.

Of the misery of all Mankind

We are but dust and ashes, sinners facing death and damnation. We must seek our salvation from God through Jesus Christ.

Of the Salvation of all Mankind by only Christ

We are saved freely and without works by faith in Christ. However, such faith will result in a heart that seeks to obey God.

Of the true, lively and Christian Faith

There is a dead faith which cannot save and a lively and saving faith which is marked by love and obedience to God’s commands.

Of Good Works annexed unto Faith

The good works that are proof of a lively faith are those commended by God in the Bible. Therefore read, learn and obey.

Of Christian love and charity

Christian charity involves loving God and loving all Men, both friend and foe, encouraging the good and correcting or punishing the bad.

Against Swearing and Perjury

Taking oaths for the sake of truth and justice is fine, but taking God’s name in vain or committing perjury is damnable.

How dangerous a Thing it is to Fall from God

There are many ways in which we fall away from God. We need to realise how dangerous this is and turn back to God without delay.

Against the Fear of Death

Those whose lives are marked by faith, hope and love do not need to fear death, but can rather desire it so as to be with God.

Concerning Good Order and Obedience

As part of his ordering of the world, God has created rulers and governments. We must be obedient to these and pray for them.

Against Whoredom and Uncleanness

Sex outside marriage is grievously sinful, abhorred by God, and renders us liable to damnation. All Christians must avoid it.

Against Contention and Brawling

Contention and brawling about matters of religion are sinful and destroy the unity of the body of Christ.

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